Established in 1887, The Archive is one of the oldest continuously published literary magazines in the United States and the oldest student publication at Duke University. The primary focus of the biannual magazine is the publication of student poetry and short fiction. Each edition also showcases photography and artwork.

Submissions need not conform to a particular subject or theme; the staff welcomes fresh, original work of all kinds from the Duke undergraduate body. We are proud to be able to print the work of a new generation of writers and artists. Submissions can be sent to dukearchive@gmail.com

In addition to publishing one to two issues a year, the magazine organizes readings featuring authors from the Duke community, known as The Archive Literary Festival. Readings are open to the public, and we hope you will join us when they occur in the spring. In the meantime, pick up a copy of the magazine on racks around campus and see what Duke students are writing about.