Dirty Monuments

By Brooke Keene

9/5/2018 Students, Faculty, and Staff together at Duke University’s Carr Building, named for the white-supremacist Julian Carr We gather at this event, more “grand and glorious” than any he remarked on. How can others hail a building, which burns with his white hot sins, a history of hate? We stand strangled by the humidity and human indecency that hangs in the air, by the testimonies and trials, faced by those more tired than most can comprehend. We listen to the whispers of the enslaved whose backs this institution was built on — not those of the bigoted businessman who had them “horse-whipped”. His legacy should hang in shreds. We start to change this whitewashed narrative. After years of inaction, these stories of such filthy philanthropy must be told. We are ready to rewrite history. We are the pressure from underneath this foundation of prejudice - about to burst - seething over this sequence of dirty money, dirty monuments.