Hate at First Sight


Adair Jones, Drop

What if you hate at first sight?                                               Decide immediately that the gap teeth and nappy black hair were never meant to coexist in harmony.                       Perhaps God made a mistake                                               And held the mirror crooked as he painted me in his image. Or perhaps he slipped up and grabbed the wrong tool,           A pen in place of lead,                                                               So when the ink bled through the page,                                 He had no choice but to accept it.                                             A thick brush in place of a fine tip,                                           He missed a few details.                                                         But he moved on,                                                                 Afraid to go back and change,                                                 His hubris shone bright.                                                           Next time I'll get it right, he said,                                                                                                                           And breathed new life into black lungs

Alex Gordon, Nude

Lizzet Clifton, Surface