Out of Focus Altogether (Walking the Ways)

By Joe Haston

Finding myself lost

In the spaces between thoughts

In circling passageways of a mind that turns

Falling over itself with each new direction

Perspectives that blur the differences between worlds as they repeat with no end

Spacetimes that don't exist but in confusion

Dreamspeech in languages I only know asleep

Alive in their rhythm and complex as a thread

Till woven in planetary shapes.

They fall down upon my mind in spirals

Floating in the vacuum of each gaze              

Therein lies the person I could become

The one I did, won't, and will be

As accomplishments explode quietly into existence

Shocking truths I have always known

Though I lose grips when waking comes

With only vague ideas of triumphant peace

My Roman temples lie under ruin

Excavated by wind and buried by stone

In the same breath's blink

An echo in the gilded palace

The silent creaking of fallen trees carved into a winding tunnel

Lined up to worship the forgotten

Only constant is the turquoise behind my vision

That blue-green that washes over my senses and casts the coolest shadow,


That wraps its arms around my eyes

Filling the first ounce my heart has to hold

And smooth marble soothes worries so far far

That lines are almost a laugh away

And we are two-faced:

A jumpstart to the reflecting gaze of life

A pool of still water

High rises with avenues of one way windows into half moon souls

Gibbous of waxing size and waning light

Or realms with no sight and only feeling

Mares that contain not neutrality,

Of losing balance and crashing down and swooping into everything –

That no one can claim but I.

And knowing that my other lives hold the secrets

In places of no particular coordinates I always incidentally find,

A few truths

Leading off a cliff could almost mean completion

In formation of heart, soul, and mind

At the beginning of a wheel's turn