By Drew Learner


By Will Francis


as a preamble to Fucking



necessary fluff

like warm and buttered

bread at a restaurant

but then, you like the taste of        

bread at a restaurant

at least, more than

moldy nully signifiers  

(        )

full of play-doh meaning       

replicating words on newsprint

to be used and discarded 

idiomatic whore     

(no no not you)

argotic tramp                   

(again not)

Fucked so hard and

gone all

loose and stupid false and true


Of course the world can’t skip sk  ip  sk  

the necessary fluff

its the chaff from the wheat thing

the chaff being

locust clouds of

concave shapes

(those babeling towers)

who blot out your sun

with sweat and red and eye

and climb thy vine

(to get at grape clusters)

and drink your drink

until they’re drunk


the wheat being me maybe


its something not speakable


its not un-speakable

in that it can in fact be 

spurted forth

in platitudinal longitudes

on a dark and stormy sea

battling the wind the waves

(the contrived nautical metaphors)

the trite but true but not


from me (to you)

my fishy tries, they fly

and fail inspection

they aren’t allowed inside your port

so neither am I

and now I’m looking

red and down

away from the thesis

which is you (you)

all b/c of necessary fluff

not unspeakable

but could should

can't won't


why can’t we have a private language

witty says there’s no such thing

no gnostic meanings

no solipy semblances

just syllables defined

by mar-ish outsiders

living (trapped) inside

their beetleboxes

alone, adrift on salty water (again with the nauticisms)

screaming platitudes to the shore

a miasma of sounds (a pestilence)

carrying too fast across the water

while we stay silent

side by side

hand in hand

and trapped behind our tongues


but maybe I can say all this in silence

if my sinews could be syllables

if my kisses could be commas

and with my predicate legs

your nominative nose

we could make

a well-formed sentence

a lighthouse beam that flies

so fast

an apotheosis

bathed in sweat and Love

maybe we could do it



do you understand?