Symmetry (BW).jpg

By Bridget Wallace

The Things About Love

By Betsy Broaddus

I got on 610 South
to reach the place that’s
open until 2am
I’m still young
but I’m not a kid
and everything feels faster and
just a bit sad
I’ve gone by myself because I have
seven days
straddling childhood and adulthood
I sit in the corner of the second floor
because I don’t want to choose a side
I think –
what to leave unsaid
it is so ugly but I
catch myself
opening a new wound
so I close it again
but your scars still exist
and being cynical in order to keep your guard up
is sad
and just a bit stupid
for one day I might disappear
and not get what I want

I think of those dates
with one-time lovers
sitting at the table by the window
over there
like an attic
there’s faces on the walls
that will be there
when I leave, when I really leave
those faces will remain
the walls only know my
temporary place
in the corner
I leave seeing
the old man
and I see the lovers
and I see the guy alone
and I hope they are happy
my arms reach out
for I’m not able to say words
but his arms meet mine
I sigh
for I know soon I’m
walking away