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Lizzet Clifton, Blockland

Delius, Frederick. Sea Drift. 1903-1904. Baritone, chorus and orchestra. Partial setting of Out of the                   Cradle Endlessly Rocking.


Abramović, Marina. The Artist is Present. March 2010 – May 2010. 2 wooden chairs and a table.                     Museum of Modern Art, New York. Spectators invited to sit across from silent, immobile performance artist.


Huzti, Zoltan. 85 Years. 2010. Pixels. 1x. Intrigued man.


Da Vinci, Leonardo. Mona Lisa. C. 1503-1506, perhaps continuing until c. 1517. Oil on poplar. Musée de Louvre, Paris. Woman smiling.


“Miss Mother.” The Love Boat. ABC. October 25, 1980. Television. Gopher has Julie pretend to be his girlfriend to impress fraternity brother. Young woman falls for nice man but is reticent to admit she’s pregnant.


Rodin, Auguste. The Kiss. 1882. Marble. Musée Rodin, Paris. Embracing couple.


Adams, Sarah Flower and Lowell Mason. Nearer, My God to Thee. Lyrics, 1841. Tune, 1856. Somber, yet serene chorus. Unitarian hymn. 


Taylor, Jason deCaires. Vicissitudes. 2006. Coral on marine grade cement, sand and mirco-silica. Molinere Bay Sculpture Park, Grenada. Human figurative sculptures bound hand in hand housed beneath the ocean.


Keller, Thomas. Oysters and Pearls. 1994. Tapioca, milk, oysters, heavy cream, black pepper, crème fraiche, salt, egg yolks, vermouth, shallots, white whine vinegar, unsalted butter, chives, ostera caviar. The French Laundry, Los Angeles. Per Se, New York. Sabayon of pearl tapioca with Malpeque oysters and osetra caviar.

Adair Jones,   photobombing parisians no. 7

Adair Jones, photobombing parisians no. 7