By Spencer Ganus

Bodies, being and unbeing

Eyes, seeing and unseeing

(a passing glance)

A sea of being and seeing

(and unbeing and unseeing)

Ebbs and flows and gives and takes and comes and goes

And me

A speck in the sea

(a drop in the ocean a voice on the breeze)

Crying and pleading and roaring and screaming

All without a noise

(but with a sound)

While eyes see and unsee

(they slip and slide and drip right off of me)

So I drown

(slipping down and down)

To be unbeing and see unseeing

And you

(being and seeing and freeing and you)

Body, being

Eyes, seeing

(a gaze deeper than the sea)

Heats and chills and binds and yields and voids and fills

And me

A speck in the sea

(you look at me)

A concussion of being

A collision of seeing

(eyes, bright and dark as night)

Then you wrench me up

(ears pop)

And we rise

(and rise and rise)

Until at last we stop and I gasp

And you, seeing

And me, assessed

You thrust your hand inside my chest

(being and seeing and freeing and)

You take hold of my heart

And teach it how it could restart

(pounding and bounding and beating and repeating)

And when you press your lips to mine

You remind me what it is to sigh

(for you are you and I am I)